Challenge Course

Our Challenge Course is a series of adventure-based activities designed to help build self-esteem and improve communication, teamwork, and creative problem solving. Through use of both mental and physical challenges, in an exciting and safe environment, both individuals and the group are able to achieve success.

While the ‘High Ropes’ activities (called ‘elements’) typically draws the major interest, the Challenge involves much more than climbing on ropes and walking across balance logs. The group spends the majority of time ‘on the ground’ sequencing through initiatives, games, spotting and trust techniques of the ‘Low Ropes’ elements. Once the group demonstrates the ability to cooperate, manage frustration, cope with stress and maintain safety across the board, it is allowed to move to the high ropes session of the program.

Course Safety

Safety is the primary concern for all participants.  The Course is inspected internally on a regular basis by the Course Manager, and is also inspected annually by the non-profit outside organization High Five Adventure Learning Center.  Recommendations are followed and repairs as needed are made by qualified individuals, generally from High Five.

We are proud of the extensive training required of our staff members involved in the Challenge Course, and additionally work with a consistent group of outside individuals who are qualified to assist with very large groups.

Adventure Based Therapy for

Harmony Hill School Students

Many residents and day students have the opportunity to participate in a ‘Ropes Group’ as appropriate to their treatment plan and with legal guardian permission.  The groups are co-led by a Clinician and the Course Manager or qualified Counselor, generally in cycles of eight to ten weeks.

The ‘Challenge by Choice’ model is used, where individual choice is most important and always respected.  Rather than climb, some choose to support and cheer on peers or provide suggestions and insights to problem-solving, which is critical to the overall success of the group.

Outside ORganizations

Our Course has been used by organizations including college and high school sports teams, fire departments and schools, the Rhode Island Children’s Crusade and the Providence Police Youth Program.  It has also been used by community groups and families looking for a fun outdoor day of adventure and bonding.

Each experience is individually designed to meet the needs of the organization or group, and often includes themes such as Teambuilding, Leadership Development, Community Building, Therapeutic/Healthy Risk Taking or Empowerment, Educational Programs or Family Celebrations/Adventure Days.

Scheduling Information

For more information or to arrange to reserve the Challenge Course for your group, please contact Stephen DiGiacomo, our Challenge Course Manager, at 401-949-0690 Ext. 3415 or e-mail

Challenge Course Info Sheet