After School Programs

In 2008, an innovative After-School Program (ASP) was designed and implemented to provide structure for residents’ participation in competencies with milieu and education staff. Secondary student competencies are highlighted within a digital portfolio which meets state expectations.

The program continues to evolve, expanding to promote development of personal interests, teamwork skills, and the combination of nutrition lessons with cooking life skills. Participation in ASP is up to three days per week, with activities and competencies changing quarterly.


Physical activity is an important element of staying fit and healthy, and many of our residents choose to play sports to keep active year-round. All seasons are covered from intramural football in fall; ice skating on our pond in winter; to intramural basketball in spring and summer, there are endless opportunities to participate in these and other athletic activities on campus.  A complete work-out room provides for indoor exercise throughout the year.

Keeping healthy through sports and physical activity provides opportunities for residents to learn and develop leadership and team building skills, and introduces them to positive, adaptive extra-curricular activities.

Intercoastal Basketball League

For several years, we have been members of the RI Scholastic Inter-Costal Prep Basketball League. Try-outs are generally held on campus in the fall, with a full team and alternates selected for the season. Season practices and games are all held off campus, with the season running through late February to mid-March. Home games are held at the local town High School and away games take the Team as far as Block Island. Safety guides decision making around participation. Staff members often fill the bleachers to cheer the Team at home and nearby away games.

Visual Arts and Projects

Agency-wide visual arts projects have become a part of the campus landscape.  Projects have included a walking labyrinth built by students in honor of a beloved clinician; student-drawn murals to represent the PRIDE motto; relics were created by students and placed throughout our 150-acres to become artifacts for future explorers to discover; and employees joined students to create a wall consisting of thousands of individually molded tiles that represent our community while celebrating our individuality.


Our newest campus addition, a complete working Greenhouse was built to provide opportunities for horticulture education and experiences.  Future plans include a living educational farmland with fruit trees, rose & flower gardens and opportunities for partnerships with local nurseries.