About HArmony Hill School

Since 1976, we have been providing high-quality treatment and education to children, adolescents and their families in safe, predictable environments.  Continually evolving to follow evidence-based practices and to meet individual and community needs, we remain committed to our mission to serve individuals with social, emotional, behavioral and learning challenges.

Failure is not an option: attention, support, coaching and specific individualized intervention from clinicians, teachers and milieu staff help our clients reach their goals throughout all disciplines.

Harmony Hill School is a private, non-profit, 501(c)(3)corporation, located in rural northern Rhode Island. 

Celebrating Diversity

Harmony Hill School does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, sexual orientation, national or ethnic origin, sexual-identity or socio-economic status in the admission process or in any school administered programming.

It is imperative to address anti-racism, personal safety and issues of culture and diversity across all disciplines. Policies and procedures to promote diversity, prevent harassment and mandate discipline for violations are in place and reviewed no less than annually.


Harmony Hill School (HHS) provides an array of services to biological males ages 13-18 who require residential treatment. HHS also provides a Day treatment program for biological males ages 8-18 who are in grades k-12 and require regular or special education.

Admissions Criteria

Youth at Harmony Hill generally have a clinical diagnosis that includes behavioral, cognitive, developmental, emotional, medical and/or psychological DSM-V disorders. We are able to provide services for youth with complicated medical issues on a case by case basis and also those with severe allergies.

Family members are very important to treatment and participate in many ways including sharing information, visiting on and off grounds, participating in family therapy, education planning and discharge planning.

Please contact the Admissions Department for more details about the admission criteria, including information about our Specialty Programs: Intensive Stabilization Assessment Treatment (ISAT), Program for Sexually Abusive Adolescents (PSAA), Firesetter Treatment Program (FTP), and our pre-admission / admission processes which typically includes interviews and a tour before acceptance.

Board of Directors 2021

CHAIRPERSON: Mark Bonn, Esq.

VICE CHAIR: William J. Kapanakis

TREASURER: Cheryl Russo-Hahn

SECRETARY: (To be determined at a later date)

David Begin

Mary K. Dixon

Jean Fallago

Kevin Lavoie

Jan McRobert

Kathleen Melucci

Kathleen E. Roberts

Katheryn Rock